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A1 Law Firm has launched a new work model


It concerns social advocacy. The firm, in close cooperation with A1 Investment Company, is planning to implement some projects pro bono.
A1 Law Office has formed its regular team in Moscow. It includes the lawyers Oleg Khmelevsky, David Arziani, Igor Kokin, and Andrey Egorenkov. Alexander Zablotskis became the Chairman of the Law Office. 

A1 Law Office works in partnership with A1 Investment Company, being a part of Alfa Group.

The firm will specialize in assisting small and medium-sized businesses. At the same time, as reported by its press office, A1 intends to work according to the model of social advocacy, which is widespread in Europe, but almost unknown to the Russian market.

The lawyers are planning to implement a number of projects selected through request forms on the website pro bono. That is, for the lowest fee possible for the customers. 
In addition, A1 is planning to provide services in the field of corporate dispute resolution, settlement of complex shareholder situations, arbitration practice, and complex inheritance structuring.
"A1 Investment Company has proposed an interesting model, i.e., to outstaff the lawyers and give them an opportunity to form an independent legal practice for implementation of their social initiatives. I have never seen such a legal practice of sub-brand bar associations for pro bono activities before, and it will be interesting to see what happens," Alexey Karpenko, Senior Partner of the Forward Legal Law Office says