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A new model of social advocacy is emerging in Russia

Source: RAPSI

A new model of social advocacy is emerging on the Russian legal market — pro bono assistance to small and medium-sized businesses, Alexander Zablotskis, the Chairman of A1 Law Office, told to RAPSI.
"A1 Law Office will provide assistance to small and medium-sized businesses in complex cases. Herewith, the Office represents a model of social advocacy that is generally accepted in Europe, but is new to the Russian market. A number of projects of the Office will be implemented pro bono, this approach will allow materializing the mission of forming fair relations between business, the state and society in the Russian legal framework through protection of legitimate rights of companies and entrepreneurs," Zablotskis noted.
A1 Law Office also intends to focus on providing services in the field of corporate dispute resolution, settlement of complex shareholder situations, arbitration practice, and complex inheritance structuring.
"The strategic objectives of the Office will be the formation of social advocacy practice in Russia on the basis of pro bono projects implementation and complex inheritance protection, creating fair rules of the game in the legal framework. We appeal to the legal community to join our initiative to form a legal framework for social advocacy in Russia," Zablotskis said.
"The creation of a new bar association, which puts forward a social mission, can only be welcomed in this difficult period. The format of providing pro bono legal services can help many companies and entrepreneurs who found themselves in a difficult situation. We look forward to the partnership with A1 in this important social project," lawyer Anatoly Kucherena said.